Anonymous → weren't you friends with jackella in the past ??

I still am!! Ren and I are honestly so close, we just don’t super-publicize our relationship. We are actually doing something super cool coming up ;)

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Anonymous → I hope Aidan is back soooon:(

I hope so too!! :((( I literally cried when I found out, I feel awful for him.

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lyingtothemirrors → Dana, do you happen to know where Aidan has gone? His Twitter and Tumblr are gone. I miss him.

I have no idea how, but someone hacked into everything of his and deleted it, unlisted his videos, etc. I feel awful :(((( Hopefully things will be fixed soon.

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Anonymous → Hi! Is there any possibility to join the youtube secret thing now?


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I’m not even sure what to say to be honest right now 

I just I need some help 

we need some help 

As some of you know my father died yesterday and because of some previous complications with his health he couldn’t get life insurance and we are already financially struggling so my Uncle set up an account where you can donate money to go towards helping us pay for his funeral. I know that a lot of us are struggling financially but even 5 dollars would help out. My mother wants to cremate my father becasue we can’t afford a casket and I would love to able to bury my father instead of burn him. I know that its a bit much asking you all but even if you just reblog this to get the word around it would mean so much to my family and I.

I have seen these communities raise money like non other so please anything will help. Anything even just a reblog 

Thanks a million 


Mind as well reblog this once more

Please donate!!

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Too many dangerous things happen when you sit alone with your thoughts at night so I’m going to bed…

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If I hear one more person hating on Tyler for his selfie face…

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yeah fucking dumb ass bread


yeah fucking dumb ass bread

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Story time with Matt 💗👯📚


Story time with Matt 💗👯📚

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